solar energy


AABOG International Nigeria Limited is an indigenous engineering procurement, construction, project management and power generation company with offices/affiliates in other strategic locations in the world. We provide “engineering design services”, procurement, installation, “pre-commissioning with commissioning”, system integration and maintenance of systems for manufacturing, oil and gas, power generation and distribution industries.

We employ engineers, designers, and other professionals that are capable of handling specialized services to the sectors.

As a foremost measure to achieving our objectives of providing firstclass engineering services to our clients , we have positioned ourselves to remain competitive, while ensuring that quality engineering is not compromised.

Our Vision
To become the market leaders in the energy sector by giving priority to potential growth in the short term and projecting into the future global emerging market.

Mission Statement
To provide quality, effective and innovative services to our diverse clients, to meet challenges in the ever changing market and clime through effective human resourceful creativity and maximal use of technology.

How we deliver supports & services

Our integrate customer service does not end upon sale, a philosophy that is reflected in the operation of a qualified technical
and after sales support Department. 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, we support every need of our customers.


Why choosing Us

  • High Quality at a Top price
  • Experience in the LED system control technology
  • Customized Design
  • Quality warranty
  • Low maintenance, highest operating efficiency
  • Lower Investment per Operating Cost in the long term

Why Solar LED Lights

  •  100% Energy Saving
  • Generates its own electricity
  • No Electricity bills
  • No CO2 Emission

Save with LED Lighting technology

LED lights are the most environmentally friendly lighting solution available. Energy efficient LED lighting creates less CO2 emissions, which helps our environment as well as saving you money.